Our VxP system was developed for distributors to better compensate their front line sales reps and move away from an incentive system that pushes beer rather than make best decisions for retailers. Reports delivered daily show each sales rep’s position Month to Date versus last year’s performance. Reps are compensated on two goals: their total territory gross profit and total volume. Monthly targets and dollar amounts are loaded and decided on at the distributor level.
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How it Works


GP Analytics industry professionals access the distributor route accounting system and deliver reports daily showing each rep and management team where they stand versus the volume and gross profit goals. GP Analytics’ also supplies a quarterly roadmap outlining what brands/packages deliver the lowest to highest margin and which brands/packages deliver the lowest to highest velocity. Reps utilize these reports to develop a plan to reach their volume and gross profit targets. needs.


Volume and Revenue Drivers


Actionable information delivered daily directly to your frontline sales reps helps them deliver responsible volume and gross profits to all retail channels. The unique GP Roadmap directionally guides them to making the right decision for each individual retailer.


Product Loss Reduction


As an added benefit GP Analytics has developed a finished product loss tracking component to reward each rep for minimizing out of code product. This reduces the chances of selling the wrong product into the wrong account. Current clients have realized reduction of out of code product in the range of 25-50% in the first year.


Sales Analytics


Additional data mining tools helps to drilldown into specific market and supplier details allowing management to track sales data by account, supplier, and SKU.



The program can accommodate small to large operations and is priced according to yearly volume. Please contact GP Analytics for your personal pricing proposal.

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