About Us


GP Analytics, LLC is a company started by former brewery/wholesaler executive, Brian Belobradic and Washington University MBA Production, Forecasting and Supply Chain expert with wholesaler background, Ross Ackermann. Ross Ackermann identified a need for the craft brewing industry to improve on data analysis, forecasting, production and logistics.
Head Shot Ross Ackermann

Ross Ackermann
Chief Operating Officer
& Co-founder

We believe that brewing should always be fun and creative. Not having to worry everyday about what to produce, when to produce it, what & when raw materials need to be ordered and even what package mix to produce. GP Analytics allows the craft brewer team to refocus their efforts on innovation, sales, and marketing.

We want to give the same power and capabilities that the large mega breweries enjoy with a tool 100% specific to the challenges of the craft brewing business.

The tools that are offered are the same that large consumer goods companies (domestic brewers included) currently use to forecast, produce and ship product throughout the United States.