Online Ordering Portal for Craft Beverages


Easily Track Inventory & Orders…
Without Losing Time, Money or Your Mind!

Our Dynamic Ordering Portal Makes Tracking Orders Easy!

Wholesalers and breweries can quickly track what was sent, what is inbound and what is needed in the future.

Supply Chain Dashboard


Saves Time & Helps you Stay Organized

One place for logistics, sales, and operations to gather the critical information for running your brewery. Exportable sales reports, formatted to load into most ERP systems, saves input time and links our tool to your accounting system.


Distributor Ordering Dashboard


Less Out of Stocks

Automated email reminders for your wholesalers drive engagement, multiple suppliers on the Craft Portal ensures daily or weekly views are paramount to your wholesalers, and simple easy to use tools means anyone can accomplish their orders in a timely manner.

Forecasting Tool


Wholesaler Share of Mind

Our 12 week wholesaler forecast tool ensures engagement by your distributor partners, helps you better understand demand, and gives your wholesalers confidence you are conscious of their market needs.


Management Tools


Easily Manage Your Products

Easily manage core, seasonal, and experimental products. Settings allow you to turn ON or OFF quickly and manage inventory levels at the brewery.

Craft Portal and QuickBooks is an extremely easy way to process invoices, add items, and change item codes.  Whenever we have new items or pricing changes, it takes just a minute to update things on the QuickBooks side. 10/10 would recommend!  From a production standpoint, as a regional brewery with a small taproom, O beer did not work for us. Craft Portal was and still is able to adapt to the way we run the production brewery.

– Masson Hart, Director of Beer Sales, GoodLife Brewing Company
– Tyler West, Head Brewer,  GoodLife Brewing Company