Our data driven forecast model uses information from around the country to better understand industry, product, package, and seasonal trends in the craft brewing industry.


Created by industry professionals with the goal of using analytics to better support the craft brewing industry our system can forecast demand at a 95% accuracy rate. This virtually eliminates out of stocks or over shipping. Our partners can use this information to control their distribution network Days of Inventory (DOI) to levels most other breweries are incapable of due to fragmented supply chains, and poor forecasting. This can ensure the freshest beer in market while supplying your distributor partners with the correct amount of beer. A benefit for distributors is low holding costs and knowing that you are one of their preferred suppliers.
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How It Works




Our proprietary forecast model coupled with a decision engine looks for the optimal amount of liquid to brew, package to put it in, truck to ship it on, and delivers this information via a secure online ordering portal.


Production Planning


When the information is delivered to your distributor partners they have a limited amount of time to review, adjust, and approve their order so the brewery has enough time to lock into the plan and ensure the proper production plan.


Database and Sales Tracking


GP Analytics’ trained inventory professionals monitor depletions at the distributor level and work with the Controller at the brewery to deliver accurate information each week. The Controller at the brewery can then manage weekly splits, and shipping schedules using the optimal output GP Analytics has provided.


Seamless Implementation


All information managed on our Craft Portal is easily exported in PDF or CSV files and can be upload into your ERP or Accounting Package. Our mission is to fit into your current systems (depletions and ERP) to give you actionable data. Ultimately driving revenue and securing the distributor and retail relationships you have already built.



Pricing will vary based on SKUs, Points of Distribution (distributors, contract brewers and tasting rooms), and annual production in Barrels. Please contact GP Analytics for a personalized pricing proposal.

Level 1

  • Forecasting
  • The Craft Portal (Smart Ordering)
  • No Recommended Orders loaded
  • No Splits & Production Planning

Level 2

  • Forecasting
  • The Craft Portal
  • Recommended Orders
  • No Splits or Production Planning

Level 3

  • Forecasting
  • The Craft Portal
  • Recommended Orders
  • Splits & Production Planning

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